Our Story

Five-O-Vintage ūüĆī¬†Vintage Shirts and Tees inspired by the
halcyon days of Rock, Pop, Rhythm and Roll !!


Five-O-Vintage  was born thanks to a pesky ex who demanded more style and presence out of my daily wardrobe which, at the time, existed on a repetitive diet of cargo shorts, t-shirts and thongs.

Step one was frequenting the vintage "frog markets" of Bali in search of an item that would spawn a new look and propel me up the style rankings. The target item was to be the timeless and classic Hawaiian-style shirt.

The iconic "froggy-marts" of Bali are stocked weekly with apparel from Japan and the USA, as part of a clothing-aid program. High quality, original and affordable vintage gems absolutely everywhere! 

At the time, I was consulting for an international fashion label and whilst abroad, trips to vintage markets throughout Asia and Europe were always on the to-do list.

Between Europe and Bali, I was spoilt for choice, amassing a wardrobe of classic vintage shirts in record time.

Step two - accessorise with roughed-up denim shorts and a pair of vintage aviators to seal the deal. Girlfriend happy - life good!

The vibe stuck and aside from looking the part amongst the palm-trees, mojitos and amigos of Bali, I was able to double my shirt collection for work and for play!

Within a year, Five-O-Vintage  was retailing in eight stores throughout Bali, Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast, as well, producing bespoke shirts for restaurant uniforms and even some crazy Italian wedding parties.

With demand outstripping expectations, we decided to scale the business up for the online market to get the shirts out to you and the rest of the world!


FOV shirts put a new spin on a timeless theme, designed with an emphasis on super-softness, high quality comfort and unique design, backed up by sound customer service. An area of the business exceedingly important to us.

Your FOV shirt is constructed with 100% natural rayon  which is a cellulose fibre derived from plantation wood pulp.

Rayon is the same fabric that the very first Hawaiian (Aloha) shirts were made from in the early 1930s by Chinese merchant Ellery Chun of King-Smith Clothiers and Dry Goods, a store in Waikiki. 

Rayon is super-soft and silky to the skin. It absorbs three times its weight in water, keeping it dry, cool and breathable.

The original short-sleeve FOV shirt is also available in long-sleeve to accomodate cooler climates.

One of the most satisfying aspects of making each FOV shirt is its production source...

We partner with three home-industries based in Bali. One each for printing, stitching and button assembly. We know every worker by name and the skilled hands that crafted each shirt from scratch.  

A proud relationship supporting small business, family and home-economies.

We're convinced you'll fall in love with your FOV shirt as much as we've loved making it for you!

On the horizon

Our intention is to bring you a capsule range of fresh shirts every quarter.

Initially, we tested the brand via local retail with our debut range ‚ÄúHonolulu City Lights‚ÄĚ. ¬†The online store has now launched with the featured capsule range¬†‚ÄúSummertime Rolls‚ÄĚ. ¬†Our¬†design team¬†now hard a work on the next capsule set to¬†launch online in March.

We are also working on a range of vintage T-shirts to be released for spring / summer 2018!

Look out for capsule teasers and pre-launch specials via our social media links.



I still frequent the froggy-mart for inspiration and search for hidden gems amongst the randomness. My last visit was no exception. The Bali wet-season was on and a heavy downpour forced me into a local warung (café) nearby...

Before going live, I needed to write "Our Story". Almost like magic, as I sat with my Bali Kopi (coffee) and mobile in hand, amongst the puddles and bustle, the very same place that inspired me to create Five-O-Vintage  in the first place, generously gave up all the information needed to write this story for you. I hope it has helped you to get to know us a little better. And we look forward to meeting you online or in person soon. ;)

So, who am I?

...just a guy with the coolest job in the world, making shirts for you in paradise - rain, hail or shine!

Jamie (founder)


You can find out heaps more about FOV via our social media links below...