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Q&A with "Raskal" ūüďł Lensman For "Summertime Rolls" Campaign Shoot


We were honoured to have legendary lensman "Raskal" snap our SS17 campaign shoot Summertime Rolls !

After days of waiting for the November Bali rains to clear, the sun finally broke through the monsoonal clouds and the crew hit the road to one of Raskal's favourite secret locations, a stunning and secluded beach North of Canggu.

The sun shined, Bali smiled and the shoot went off like a dream!

We spent five minutes with Raskal to find out a little bit more about the legend behind the lens...



Crille Rask

Born / Homeland

Born in Sweden Raised all over the place but mainly in Portugal and Sweden.

With family, friends, work at every corner of the globe, you are very much the travelling nomad, so where on earth do you call "home"? 

I think home is where the heart is and my hearts with me hehe. Currently hanging mainly in Bali with nice constant of fun trips here and there.

Favourite Earth Place(s)

Lofoten Islands, Norway the most beautiful place. 

St Ives, Cornwall favourite down to earth place. 

Bali most challenging place.

My families winter cabin in the middle of nowhere in sweden.

Favourite Shoot Location

Wherever the sun hits perfectly at a certain hour. 

Favourite Surf Spot

Ooh…. hard… breakwater, Cornwall. Medewi, Bali. Batu Karas, Java.

Most Memorable Vision Through The Lens

Running around alone like a mad man capturing northern lights while on a solo adventure in Sweden last year.

Most Hairy Photography Experience

hmm…Hiking the Eyjafjallajökull  volcano in Iceland with all my equipment on my back. got to the top and it was cloudy. 

Best Project In 2016 (Other than FOV!)

Adventuring around for a week in Iceland. Eye candy wherever the eyes landed on. 

Future/Current Project That Has You Super-Excited

Im shooting a watch for Chanel this week. Probably my biggest client so far. Should I be nervous? 


Thanks Raskal for your time and incredible work both professionally and in results. We had an awesome time working with you and the outcome could not have been better!

We look forward to working with you again soon. Until then, wish you well with your future endeavours and travels.

Re Chanel, they've scored big time for their new NO! you shouldn't be nervous in the slightest!  

Check out Raskal's rad stuff and upcoming projects here: 

Instagram : @raskal

Coming soon @vanilla_radio

www :


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